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A total of 577 species of katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) has been reported for Brazil (Eades et al. 2011), several of them were reported or described in old papers and certainly include multiple synonymous and poorly delimited species (Chamorro & Braun 2010). Certainly, several hundreds of Brazilian tettigoniids remain to be described. However, few comprehensive surveys on these organisms were conducted, possibly as a consequence of the low number of researchers working on the Brazilian katydids. Currently, besides the surveys conducted by us, there are no other research on the katydids of the Atlantic Forest (AF), and consequently neither taxonomic, genetic nor population data are available.

The AF is the most threatened bioma in Brazil, despite its dramatic fragmentation, the diversity seems to be higher than in most parts of the Amazonian Rain Forest. It is important to estimate the species diversity of katydids in Atlantic Forest (AF) remnants, so to determine the level of isolation between populations and then study the ecological and historical processes that have molded the current biodiversity in these areas. All this information can be used to support the proposition of strategies for the conservation of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest and its katydids.

This website will serve as a gateway for information regarding African amphibian species, where participants will write and edit species pages, upload images, and maintain bibliographic resources. The goal of this website is to develop an authoritative, community-driven resource for information on African amphibians. We expect this to be a key resource for both the public and experts in the field, including those who may not have access to original descriptions, taxonomic changes, and updates of species distributions from scientific journals. In addition to serving as a stand-alone resource, this Scratchpad will feed content directly into the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) and AmphibiaWeb.
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An electronic global database of taxonomic, biogeographic, and biological information on seahorses. This database will be verified by experts to ensure accuracy, and updated with new information regularly to ensure completeness. It will include type specimen information, photographs, morphological measurements, taxonomic references and explanations of taxonomic decisions. It will also be a databank for similar information for non-type specimens. Functionality will include dynamic mapping of species, identification tools, and links to other global databases e.g. FishBase, Barcode of Life, FishBOL, GenBank, Morphbank.